BP RANIA release single “Breathe Heavy”

KPOP girl group BP Rania release their comeback single “Breathe Heavy” off the new EP “Refresh 7th”!


Co written by Jon Asher, Melanie Fontana and Michel Schulz.


1/20/17 - Aaron Carter's new EP off Sony Records / Z Entertainment, "LøVë", available for pre order now with an instant download of "Sooner Or Later".

"LøVë" is Executive produced by Aaron Carter & Jon Asher and will be released Feb. 10 2017 exclusively on Sony Music / Z Entertainment.

"Sooner or Later" was recorded in October 2015 at Jon Asher's Los Angeles based ARC Studios and was co-written by Jon Asher, Aaron Carter, Melanie Fontana, Michel Schulz and Taylor Helgeson with additional production by Michel Schulz.